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Lab News

January 2014

  • Our new PostDoc and prior visiting PhD student, Diego Darriba, joined the lab.

June 2013

  • Our new PhD student, Alexey Kozlov, joined the lab.

January 2013

  • The course evaluation by the students for the course: "Introduction to Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists" which Alexis, Solon, Tomas, Kassian, Andre, and Pavlos teach at the CS department of KIT was very positive. We received a teaching quality index (Lehrqualitätsindex) of 100 out of 100.
  • Simon Berger succesfully defended his PhD thesis on January 14 at the CS department of KIT. Prof. C. v. Mering, Prof. W. Karl, Prof. H Meyerhenke and Alexis were on his committe which was kindly headed by Prof. Beckert.

November 2012

  • Nikos Alachiotis successfully defended his PhD thesis on November 21 at the CS department of TU Munich. Prof. A. Bode, Prof. A. Dollas, and Alexis were on the committee which was kindly headed by Prof. B. Rost.

August 2012

  • Jörg Hauser submitted his Master's thesis that deals with the protein model assignment problem for multi-gene alignments of amino acid data.

July 2012

  • Alexis was appointed as full professor at the department of computer science (in conjunction with his job at HITS) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

January 2012

  • Antonis Rokas has written a nice chapter about hands-on phylogeny reconstruction that uses RAxML as example program.